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terça-feira, 27 de maio de 2014

Odyssice - Silence [2010] - Netherlands / Holanda

Not the most prolific of bands, Silence is only the third album from Dutchmen Odyssice since releasing their debut titled Impression in 2000. It would seem not a lot has changed in the Odyssice camp since then as Silence continues in that vein of melodic symphonic prog.

Odyssice are widely regarded as being similar to Camel, a view I wouldn't disagree with. This is too a large part down to guitarist Bastiaan Peeters soaring Andy Latimer style lead work but they also tread a similar path of easy on the ear melodic prog. This may lead some to find the band's sound a little dull and if Sleepytime Gorilla Museum are your thing, then unless you have wide ranging tastes Odyssice probably aren't for you.

Silence is however pretty good, well played and whilst their sound largely centre's around Peeters guitar work there's also a strong keyboard presence, less retro sounding than you might expect from a band like this. The seven instrumental compositions are all enjoyable enough but could do with a bit more variety with nothing standing out as exceptional to lift it above the average. I do enjoy Peeters lead work in particular though, the rest of the band laying a solid foundation as he soars away over the top, which he does throughout.

A good album then which could benefit if only they'd take the bull by the horns a bit and rock out a bit more, like even Camel do at times. This they do to a degree on final track Swank but it's a case of too little, too late. However, if it's not their thing then fair play to them.

1. 21 (8:06)
2. Memento (6:07)
3. Chinese Waters (7:12)
4. Colours Of Silence (6:49)
5. Flags Without A Heart (9:13)
6. Continental Motion (10:38)
7. Swank (5:45)
Total Time: 54:10

- Bastiaan Peeters / guitars
- Menno Boomsma / drums, flute
- Jeroen Van der Wiel / keyboards
- Peter Kosterman / bass

Format: mp3 (320 kbps) = 137 mb = Yandex / pass = progsounds
Format: flac (tracks + cue) = 349 mb = Yandex / pass = progsounds

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