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domingo, 11 de maio de 2014

The Amazing Blondel - Evensong [1971] - United Kingdom / Reino Unido

On their second album Amazing Blodel perform short songs in a pseudo-renaissance style which they achieve by playing acoustic instruments of the past. This is really a great album, with no bad song IMHO. The players bring out their qualities, and it is a pleasure to listen to. Great melodies, good lyrics - everything you are supposed to expect from an excellent album! There is hardly an outstanding song because all of them are flowing gently without ever getting boring or flat. I would stronly recommend this album in an extraordinary musical style for any fan of folk music or traditional music.

A boderline inclusion in respect with progressive music. Amazing Blondel is a acoustic duo/trio of guys who play traditional english music , dressed up as bards and had quite a success at it in the early 70's folk circuits.

If I could describe them they would be a cross of France's Malicorne and Ireland's folk rock duo TIR NA NOG. Actually Blondel is not quite as precise or meticulous at reproducing the old folk songs as Malicorne or as powerfull/poignant as Tir Na Nog . Their stuff is actually quite gentile and goes a little too smoothly to my ears. Many melodic repetitions in the course of their first three albums (all I've heard so far).

1. Pavan (3:19) 
2. St. Crispin's Day (2:19) 
3. Spring Season (3:39) 
4. Willowood (3:24) 
5. Evensong (3:10) 
6. Queen of Scots* (1:39) 
7. Ploughman (3:06) 
8. Old Moot Hall (2:41) 
9. Lady Marion's Galliard (3:41) 
10. Under the Greenwood Tree (3:15) 
11. Anthem (2:53) 
Total Time: 32:03
All compositions written by John Gladwin except * by Edward Baird.

- John David Gladwin / lead vocals, theorbe, cittern, lute, double bass
- Terence Alan Wincott / crumhorn, organ, vocals, pipe-organ, recorders, flute, tabor, harmonium, pharpsichord 
- Edward Baird / lute, cittern, vocals 
+ Chris Karan / percussion 
+ Adam Skeaping / viola da gamba, violone

Format: flac (tracks + cue) = 191 mb = Torrent

The Amazing Blondel - The Amazing Blondel [1969 / 1970] - United Kingdom / Reino Unido

This album is not a masterpiece of progressive music, such as gryphon, malicorne, and others who goes to the same path. But i thing that this album has his beauty's, and i recomend to all of those who like of a realy folk sound.

This was actually the first Amazing Blondel album, but spent most of the last 25 years of the century as one of the most sought after collector items. While it's fair to say that the value of the LP was based more on rarity than quality, this is in fact a very good album.
To recap the history up to this point, most members of the band had been in a group called Methuselah, which issued one fairly heavy psychedelic album which featured several strong themes, some of which can be seen infiltrating this somewhat uneven AB debut. About half the tracks owe more to Methuselah while the other half have that Elizabethan flavour for which the group would become better known, if not exactly household names, through the first part of the 70s.

This juxtaposition of styles in almost alternate order actually works quite well, with Wincott's more rugged voice on the delightful "Bethel Town Mission" and the somewhat Blood Sweat and Tears influenced "Canaan" contrasting well with Gladwin's more elfin voice on "Saxon Lady" and "Season of the Year". It doesn't hurt that the songwriting and arrangements are already pretty mature, if simultaneously a bit naiive. The rousing and racous closer, "Bastard Love", produces an unlikely combination of the two styles, resulting in a humour that later would only be perceptible from their live shows.

The weaker tracks hint at Blondel's occasional tendency to overestimate the elasticity of some of their material, as in "Shepherd's Song" which is frankly a bore. But on the whole this is a document that is likely to make more than a few faces happy.

1. Saxon Lady (3:09) 
2. Bethel Town Mission (3:15) 
3. Season of the Year (2:46) 
4. Canaan (3:50) 
5. Shepherd's Song (6:14) 
6. Though You Don't Want My Love (3:58) 
7. Love Sonnet (4:08) 
8. Spanish Lace (2:45) 
9. Minstrel's Song (5:34) 
10. Bastard Love (4:10) 
Total Time: 39:59
*The CD reissue was released as "The Amazing Blondel" & "A Few Faces".

- John David Gladwin / vocals, 12 string guitars, lutes, double bass 
- Terence Alan Wincott / vocals, 6 string guitar, harmonium, recorders, flute, ocarina, congas 
- Edward Baird / first lute, vocals, glockenspiel 
+ Clem Cattini / drums 
+ Chris Karan / percussion 
+ Gary Taylor / bass 
+ Jim Sullivan / arrangements with Amazing Blondel

Format: flac (image + cue) = 217 mb = Torrent

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